Mary Ellias of Stephens City, Va., is continuing to warn parents about the dangers of soccer goals that are not properly staked down. According to Action News 4, Ellias became an advocate for soccer goal safety after her 10-year-old son Hayden was killed during a soccer game. Hayden was playing goalie and had just kicked the ball down field when a crash was heard. The goal had toppled onto Hayden, leaving him covered in blood. No one saw what caused the goal to fall.

Unfortunately, Hayden's is not the only death caused by toppling goals. Anchored for Safety reports that from 1979 to 2015, 39 people have died, and 57 people have been injured due to goals falling on them. Thus far, Kwik Goal Safety reports that only four states have legislation in place to actively require that soccer goals be properly anchored: Ark., Ill., Wis., and Va. New York has legislation that is pending. Every goal does come with a warning to properly anchor the equipment, but not everyone follows the warning.

Because Hayden's goal was not properly anchored, Ellias has decided to try to make sure people are aware of the dangers of improperly anchored goals. CBS News states that Ellias made her son a promise. "I promised Hayden his death would not be in vain. Because nobody else should have horrible memories." To fulfill that promise, she has given almost 24 interviews since his death, and his story is published on Anchored for Safety. Ellias has also started a website named Hayden's Goal. Her hope is that, " . . . you find the information useful and spread the word to everyone you know" so that other deaths do not occur.